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Finally I leave you with the last entry to LaunchHaunted. This banger was made famous by YouTuber Markiplier as his outro to his scary video game videos. However, Markiplier first encountered this song in the game Critical Mass. After literally going nuts for it, he made it apart of his channel.

As for Servartus and his blog, he would like to go equally nuts for this bone-chillingly awesome track. The simple melody in the beginning elicits thoughts of awe and grandeur. Drop drums of mass destruction and dubtastic wobbles and a fate of uncertainty creeps in. The anxiety rises as the sounds get louder and then crush down in one epic drop. He melody never quite settles down and is infused with the spooky noises. This all comes to a head in the most climactic ends I have ever heard. I will remain shaken by my nightmares as this haunts me from now and to eternity.

The links below lead you to Markiplier’s first encounter with Haunted and the game in which it is featured as the theme.

Ready doesn’t care if you are or not. Shirk slams it down on you with his unique flavor and Joe Kaul’s lyrics instantly grab you. Something akin to 80s electro ballad and dubstep. After a lovely melody, we are treated a stellar dub section. Then, Mr. Kaul belts out more vocals like a man on fire. Return to the dubstep for a welcomed conclusion to another powerful entry in Launch. We are definitely ready now. 

I feel like it is a Shirk kind of day! Its been a few months since his EP Launch launched and it’s trio of tunes are replaying over and over in my head. First one I’d like to talk about is Bird of Prey. Talk about making a scene rock. This hit gets everyone started. Floor shattering bass, effects, and 808 synths. By far one of this year’s best drops in the business. Arm flailing, mosh pit forming, and absolute madness ensues. Break it down and build it back up for another raucous drop. The drums still pound on long after it ends.

"I just want to sleep forever, Never see tomorrow, Or lead or follow"

"I don’t want to work forever, Know what I know, Or beg or borrow"

This is the anthem of the Mooday. Not to be lazy, but to not be defined by the work we do. To be choosers and not beggars. Timeflies’ Cal Shapiro makes a strong effort to get this point across very well in Sleep Forever. Or at least that’s what I get out of it. Hard times are not in my memories, good times and having fun are what I remember. Listening to this chill tune I hope you do too. Maybe someday we can all just sleep forever.

Happy Mooday everyone!

This Mooday, I’d like to remind everyone that to be chill is first of all a state of mind. A peaceful existence with those around you. Lay back and be patient, don’t worry and fear not. Skinshape along with Miss Mabel express this in Young Dreams. Soulful guitar and bass, drums, and organ bring in the old school reggae feel. Go out and live your day not held back by problems and struggles. Remain young in heart and in your dreams.

Speaking of inspiring tracks, this one takes me back to a much simpler time. Late nights listening to the radio and hearing a song that just wouldn’t end. Trance spoke my language and touch my desires. Global Influence’s Beautiful Girl carries on that passion in a way that makes me smile and hope for the future to remain bright. Listen to the honest lyrics and let this melody fly you to a brand new day. May it remind you of that one truly beautiful girl. (Boy too!)

Seamless is a mastermind of sound. I want to be able to do what he does with electro. A other-worldly intro. slams into a vicious dubstep drop and verse. Synth licks intermittent in-between, as haunting strings strain a song of dreams. Epic drums and destructive horns kill this track from every angle. As if it has a three act structure, this song tells a story in various ways. Absolutely marvelous work and you shouldn’t expect anything less.

However, not all metal is dominated by rock. Sometimes its the concept, image, natural sound that grabs you by the throat. JPhlepz macabre RoboZomb breaks through the soil of your soul and grips your consciousness. The track art should make this song metal enough, yet the nasty dubstep takes that term seriously. The gritty noise of flesh and steel working together to make a hideous creature reality. Bonus points for the eerie organ too. 

Today is a metal day. Not only in sound, but also in thought and desire. First off is the ever-inspiring Noya and his clean presentation Metal Rain. Want to just rock out to sweet riffs and banging drums? This has your back. It never lets up, not even for a second. Pelting the ground with harsh distorted guitar, ending with an classic sounding 80’s atmosynth. I’m no weatherman, but this storm is brewing for some righteous metal glory.

Awe inspiring. That’s Headfone by StéLouse. This premiere track for solidified this Denver native in my mind as pure talent. Timing is crazy good. The quality of the beats, drums, synths, vocals are god tier. The ambience is a nice touch that reminds me of the feeling of putting on nice headphones and listening to sweet jams. In fact, that’s what I suggest for this. Put your best headphones on, turn this up, and put the world on hold. 

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